Love My Voice in Conjunction w/ VoiceoverCity -Bham, Alabama

Group Description

This is a group for anyone interested in voiceover, voiceacting, etc. All skills levels are welcome. This group was started as an extension of VoiceoverCity based in Atlanta, Georgia. Its aim is to further build a community for those interested in improving their overall communication skills and working in the voiceover industry.

This Meetup is meant to provide an opportunity for those located in Birmingham, and the surrounding areas, to start, grow, and develop their voiceover careers. This includes people that are just getting started as well as those that area already working in the industry.

Local organizers will serve to assist members of the group and make sure you have the resources you need to move forward.

The parent Meetup for this group is VoiceoverCity ( which is just over 500 members. You can follow the group on Facebook at on Twitter at